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Contribution cricket

The cricket department offers two types of memberships for seniors: the normal/full membership and the shortened/zami membership. For the first year all members pay just the fee for the shortened/zami membership. Full members can play an unrestricted number of matches, shortened/zami members can play up to 4 matches every season. Youth members have their own fee. All memberships include acces to all practise sessions, both indoor and outdoor.

Members with a U-pas can get a reduction on the contribution. For seniors this can reduce up to €120 for inhabitants of the city of Utrecht en €100 for others. For youth members the personal budget can be used for paying (a part of) the contribution.

Multiple sports
At Hercules several sports are played: cricket, tennis, soccer (indoor and outdoor), badminton and goalball. Therefore it is possible to take part in several sports. The club likes to support this and hence members get a reduction when applying for several sports: juniors -€ 59,- and seniors -€ 79,-.

USV Hercules

De USV Hercules is één van de oudste clubs van Nederland. In 1882 opgericht is Hercules een gezonde en nog steeds groeiende sportvereniging met ca. 2600 leden waar tennis, voetbal (veld + zaal), badminton, goalbal en cricket de te beoefenen sporten zijn.


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