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A message from the commitee

We hope this message comes across to you in good health and wish all the best for 2021.

Despite the struggles which we faced this year with the Covid-19, we still played multiple good games of cricket throughout the season.

We would specifically like to thank all the club members for making the experience both on and off the pitch enjoyable.

The committee is making an astonishing effort to make the new season even more enjoyable. We are looking to appoint a new overseas player (coach) we will keep you all updated on the progress.

Hercules would like to enroll with 3 teams for the upcoming cricket league. We are hoping to recruit new members to the club and play with 4 teams but that depends on how many new members join the club.

Please also note that the KNCB has set some new rules for the season 2021. Cricket will be played with a white cricket ball, Colored cricket clothing, and black side screens.

We request you to avoid purchasing white sportswear. We will soon announce the jersey colors and further requirements.

Please also note that soon indoor cricket training will be announced depending on the current Covid situation

USV Hercules

De USV Hercules is één van de oudste clubs van Nederland. In 1882 opgericht is Hercules een gezonde en nog steeds groeiende sportvereniging met ca. 2600 leden waar tennis, voetbal (veld + zaal), badminton, goalbal en cricket de te beoefenen sporten zijn.


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