Badmintonclub Hercules

Hercules has a vivid badminton department. We’ve got over 140 members, among them about 40 youth members. It is our plan to augment this number. Sportsmanship and a social life go hand in hand in our club. We may be fanatic on the court, but taking a drink afterwards in our clubhouse is for some of our members just as important.

Recreational players as well as advanced players can feel at home at our club. Competitions exist for both categories: for the recreational players during the spring and for the advanced players during the fall.

We’re playing on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
See "speeltijden & speeldata for the schedule. We’re using a label system on a board, so that everybody is guaranteed to play for certain periods of twenty minutes. Due to Corona this board is temporarily not used.

Our location is Voorveldselaan 2, Utrecht, in the quarter Voordorp. In case you want to come along to give it a try, without obligations, you can contact us at the following e-mail address:

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